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Frustrated, cranky and tired!

so… I am behind deadline on delivering my latest tv show, and it’s like being late for work, when you catch EVERY red light! for you video geeks, it’s been one of those days. I need to export the latest episode of Sustainable Life to tape, and my editing program just won’t cooperate! once I get my video to actually export, my hardware decides to give me a hard time. you see, my main editing tower has multiple drives, and when they sit idle for a minute they sleep. so part of my project is on the main drive and part is on a secondary internal drive. every time the export heads over to the main drive, the secondary decides to sleep and then it all crashes!?!?! it took me like 4 renders to figure out what was going on!!! so as a cheat I decided to move all my resources to the main drive, and finally…. voilà. it works!!! I only wasted about 4 hours on that process!!!

lesson learned and I hope you can benefit from my stupidity!

much love