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My favorite iPhone camera apps

There is just something great about the iPhone camera. Sure its not the 18 megapixel wonder of my Canon 7D, but I love that I ALWAYS have this camera with me. My 7D, not so much.

But, beyond that, its all the great in phone apps that I can use to tweak my photos that make it such a blast. However, no matter how many great camera apps I end up with, I always seem to come back to my favorite three apps. Bestcamera, Vintshift, and Camera Bag.

Best Camera is by far my favorite. I use it all the time, if for no other reason than it allows me to publish my photos to flickr, facebook, and twitter simultaneously. On top of that, though, I really love all the filters you can apply in the Best Camera app. Its so much fun and so easy to get a great look out of your pics with this app.

Vint Shift. This one is a special use app, that really is reserved for times with you are shooting from a high vantage point. It applies a filter that simulates the look of what is known as a ’tilt shift’ photo its hard to describe, but what it does in a nutshell is make your subject look like tiny little toys. To best understand check out this photo.

This photo was taken using Vintshift and then I applied some great filters from bestcamera. I think the results speak for themselves. As you can see, this is not your old cell phone camera!

Finally Camera Bag. This app is another awesome set of filters, but in this case it is designed to emulate images taken with a number of old timey cameras to give your picture that special ‘family memories’ kind of feel. It too is a lot of fun to play with.

If you have an iPhone, and you are looking to take some special pictures with it, I highly recommend picking up all three of these apps, but if you can only afford one, I would have to say Best Camera would be your best choice. Anyway, happy snapping!

Peace out!

The NEW portable office!

I am sitting in my office typing this post out on my brand new iPhone 4. But, here is the beauty of it all, I am using a full size Bluetooth keyboard to enter all the text, truly making my iPhone a mini computer. I know what you are thinking, “Why in the world would you do that, when you have a wonderful MacBook Pro right next to you?” Well, in reality this is just a test. I don’t always like to drag my 17″ laptop with me to every meeting, but the ability to bring along a little keyboard and the phone that is ALWAYS in my pocket is a very attractive option. What a wonderfully handy device this new iPhone is. Because unlike my laptop, no matter where I happen to be, I can also surf the web, update blogs, upload my latest video postings, and stay in touch with the world.

I think I may take this little combo to a local park and enjoy some sunshine on this beautiful day, and get a little work done. Truly a mobile office. If you are in the market for a new phone I cannot say enough about this wonderful new device!

Peace out!