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The race is on!

So it’s 48 hour film festival challenge weekend! I love this event! So here’s how it works. You show up friday evening at 6 pm. You find out the rules, and required props, and your genre. This year they added some more tricks to the bag; 2 props and they added musical as a potential genre – yikes!

So the two props we have to use is 1) a ping pong ball, and 2) a hot pocket. And we have to use the line “I found it in the Erie canal” in the dialogue. I am walking up to the podium to draw our genre out of the hat, and all I can think is, please don’t pick musical, please don’t pick musical! I draw it out and read the slip of paper and it reads melodrama. Aahh, thank goodness!

While we sit there listening to the feast of the rules, I hear George (our writer) say to Linda “I got it!”

It’s 4:40 on saturday as I write this, and we have already finished shooting the film! I am taking a little nap before I hit the editing phase. The video is rendering and I need a breather. If all goes well, we should be watching our movie tomorrow evening just as planned! Stay tuned to see it for yourself, and find out how we did!

I need a nap, later on yo.