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Brand New from the todd v studio

So this is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now… I wanted to create some paintings that were pure motion and flow similar to the feeling of Asian character “shodo” painting. It’s also a painting created with restraint, in that I limited myself to two strokes of the brush, and a palate of only three colors. Finished with a free flowing splatter. I think I really like these, and need to experiment further.

What do you think?

Much love,

Very Short Stories

So, I was just turned on to this guy on twitter @veryshortstory and it’s a fascinating new development for our short attention span world. Apparently it’s an example of a brand new form of writing called flash fiction. Flash fiction is a form of writing akin to brainstorming. Writers test out new material writing very short stories of just a paragraph or a sentence. This guy has gone to the extreme of writing short stories that fit into a tweet! That’s a story of 160 characters or less!!! And the crazy part is they’re good! It’s sort of haiku meets limerick meets short story. Seems like fun… I want to give it a try:

Suddenly the bed felt warmer, like a warm embrace as I noticed the pressure in my bladder was now gone.

Let’s hear your flash fiction!

Much love, peace out

At work… rockin’ the tie!

So, I was on a photo shoot yesterday, and I got a phone call. during the call, my subject, India, grabbed my camera and started shooting me! I just thought this was a cool image with a real cinematic feel. ‘Hey man, nice shot!” India. She’s actually got a real eye for photography herself, so its a lot of fun shooting her as the subject. Next week, we are doing an over the top glam shoot. Stay tuned for images and video! By the way… here’s todays tie:

Necktie of the day

Tie for today…

What happened to the necktie?

You know, the other night, when I was watching the Apprentice, which I totally love, by the way… One of the male contestants entered the boardroom sans necktie, and it was glaringly obvious how out of place he looked. There in the room with the Don, all the men were wearing smart ties with finely tailored suits, and this goofball comes in wearing a tan suit, white shirt, and a white crewneck t, screaming ‘hey I don’t care” at the boardroom table. Now don’t get me wrong, as a professional creative myself, I almost never wear a tie, but when the time is right, I know when to cinch on the silk noose! In fact, in my younger days, I used to wear a tie all the time, as a matter of style, I loved it. But things have changed. At first I was happy people were chilling out on what was considered business wear, but now I am feeling conflicted. There is something just so classy about a tie. It says, ‘I’m a gentleman, and I care about how I look and what image I project.” It says “I like my martini’s straight up, and women are treated with respect”. But here’s the rub… Read the rest of this page »

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