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KJ playing out at a crazy mancave!

So KJ has been telling me about this backyard ‘Saloon that these guys built just for parties and listening to live music at home. Its about the craziest man cave I have ever seen! She was thinking that maybe she’d like to do a photo and/or video shoot in the space. Now that I have seen it, I agree! You’d have to pay thousands to build a set to look like this place! And they just have it as they’re personal clubhouse. I love it. If you, or anybody else you know, have a space like this, please let me know. We are always on the lookout for cool locations for shoots. Its always better when they are pre-built like this one.

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KJ playing out at a crazy mancave!

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Very Short Stories

So, I was just turned on to this guy on twitter @veryshortstory and it’s a fascinating new development for our short attention span world. Apparently it’s an example of a brand new form of writing called flash fiction. Flash fiction is a form of writing akin to brainstorming. Writers test out new material writing very short stories of just a paragraph or a sentence. This guy has gone to the extreme of writing short stories that fit into a tweet! That’s a story of 160 characters or less!!! And the crazy part is they’re good! It’s sort of haiku meets limerick meets short story. Seems like fun… I want to give it a try:

Suddenly the bed felt warmer, like a warm embrace as I noticed the pressure in my bladder was now gone.

Let’s hear your flash fiction!

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Twitter for Dummies (via ThoughtTech – On The Horizon)

Intersting insights for you twitterheads!

Twitter for Dummies Everyone, including me, is touting Twitter as a marketers dream. According to ebiz/ Twitter is the #3 social networking site (after Facebook and MySpace). At the same time many, including me, are challenged to gain momentum on Twitter. So after a bit of research I found a coherent article written by Courtney Wiley Director of Digital Marketing at INgage Networks. What follows is an abridged version of Ms. Wiley's post "How to grow your Twi … Read More

via ThoughtTech – On The Horizon

“Sundays at 1” Watercolor Painting Exhibit, Sat Sept 4, 8pm

Standing Rock Cultural Arts
257 N. Water St.
Kent, OH 44240
Phone: 330-673-4970

WHO: Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

WHAT: “Sundays at 1” Watercolor Painting Exhibition
-Featuring the Artists of Henry Walker’s Watercolor Class
-Henry Walker, Claire Culleton, Maureen Keller, and Tom Auld


Good fortune

Good fortune

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