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National Children’s Day at A Time to Dance Studio


So my friends Amanda and Bobby from the A Time to Dance Studio, who work with, teach, and generally love to be around kids, decided it would be cool to create a special day to celebrate kids at their studio, and they called it National Children’s Day. I don’t know how official the title really is, but they made a great space for kids today! Free Pizza! Prizes! Moonwalk! They had dancing demonstrations, and make and take kids areas, loud music, and of course Bobby was showing off his street dancing skills. It was a blast! I was so happy that they invited me down to be a part of the party. I created this 30″ x 40″ fun painting of a boy and girl dancing, in about an hour and a half. I really wasn’t sure what I was going to paint while I was there, but I knew I wanted it to be fun! I hope you like it!

Thanks again Amanda and Bobby! I’ll see you again next year!

Peace out, much love.



Man, I love ping pong!

It’s been a long time since I played ping pong in my parents basement. I remember, nostalgically, hanging out with the neighbors and playing away rainy days at the table tennis court. Simple, clean, fun! No controller, no tv, no subscription to an online service… Heck, when I was a kid we didn’t even know what online was.

Well, lately we have been playing pong again. Some of my friends and I have dragged a ping pong table into an art gallery and resurrected the love for ping pong. So simple anyone can play, but once you get rolling, it’s gets competitive as any other game. After hours of playing, plenty of sweating, and a little beer, there is a room full of people smiling, laughing and connecting over a tiny, almost weightless, plastic ball.

I love ping pong….

Peace out, much love!

KJ playing out at a crazy mancave!

So KJ has been telling me about this backyard ‘Saloon that these guys built just for parties and listening to live music at home. Its about the craziest man cave I have ever seen! She was thinking that maybe she’d like to do a photo and/or video shoot in the space. Now that I have seen it, I agree! You’d have to pay thousands to build a set to look like this place! And they just have it as they’re personal clubhouse. I love it. If you, or anybody else you know, have a space like this, please let me know. We are always on the lookout for cool locations for shoots. Its always better when they are pre-built like this one.

Peace out!


KJ playing out at a crazy mancave!

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At work… rockin’ the tie!

So, I was on a photo shoot yesterday, and I got a phone call. during the call, my subject, India, grabbed my camera and started shooting me! I just thought this was a cool image with a real cinematic feel. ‘Hey man, nice shot!” India. She’s actually got a real eye for photography herself, so its a lot of fun shooting her as the subject. Next week, we are doing an over the top glam shoot. Stay tuned for images and video! By the way… here’s todays tie:

Necktie of the day

What happened to the necktie?

You know, the other night, when I was watching the Apprentice, which I totally love, by the way… One of the male contestants entered the boardroom sans necktie, and it was glaringly obvious how out of place he looked. There in the room with the Don, all the men were wearing smart ties with finely tailored suits, and this goofball comes in wearing a tan suit, white shirt, and a white crewneck t, screaming ‘hey I don’t care” at the boardroom table. Now don’t get me wrong, as a professional creative myself, I almost never wear a tie, but when the time is right, I know when to cinch on the silk noose! In fact, in my younger days, I used to wear a tie all the time, as a matter of style, I loved it. But things have changed. At first I was happy people were chilling out on what was considered business wear, but now I am feeling conflicted. There is something just so classy about a tie. It says, ‘I’m a gentleman, and I care about how I look and what image I project.” It says “I like my martini’s straight up, and women are treated with respect”. But here’s the rub… (more…)

Frustrated, cranky and tired!

so… I am behind deadline on delivering my latest tv show, and it’s like being late for work, when you catch EVERY red light! for you video geeks, it’s been one of those days. I need to export the latest episode of Sustainable Life to tape, and my editing program just won’t cooperate! once I get my video to actually export, my hardware decides to give me a hard time. you see, my main editing tower has multiple drives, and when they sit idle for a minute they sleep. so part of my project is on the main drive and part is on a secondary internal drive. every time the export heads over to the main drive, the secondary decides to sleep and then it all crashes!?!?! it took me like 4 renders to figure out what was going on!!! so as a cheat I decided to move all my resources to the main drive, and finally…. voilà. it works!!! I only wasted about 4 hours on that process!!!

lesson learned and I hope you can benefit from my stupidity!

much love