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National Children’s Day at A Time to Dance Studio


So my friends Amanda and Bobby from the A Time to Dance Studio, who work with, teach, and generally love to be around kids, decided it would be cool to create a special day to celebrate kids at their studio, and they called it National Children’s Day. I don’t know how official the title really is, but they made a great space for kids today! Free Pizza! Prizes! Moonwalk! They had dancing demonstrations, and make and take kids areas, loud music, and of course Bobby was showing off his street dancing skills. It was a blast! I was so happy that they invited me down to be a part of the party. I created this 30″ x 40″ fun painting of a boy and girl dancing, in about an hour and a half. I really wasn’t sure what I was going to paint while I was there, but I knew I wanted it to be fun! I hope you like it!

Thanks again Amanda and Bobby! I’ll see you again next year!

Peace out, much love.



This weekend is The Canton Palace International Film Festival

We have over 100 films from both local and international independent filmmaker and
FREE Workshops: Doc Screenwriting; DSLR Camera Demo; Small Format Film Production; Heirloom Media; Acting; Production Sound
LIVE Music: Friday – John Cohen; Sunday – The Hi Hopes
You can see up to 27 films for only $6 on Saturday and Sunday morning to afternoon
Here is the schedule overview for you to look at and please go-online to our website at: Hope to see you there!


5:30 – 7:00 Opening Reception

Guest Artist: page 2
7:30 – 8:00 – Richard Myers – film talk
8:00 – 10:00 – Film: Marjory’s Diary

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8: 11 am – 10 PM

Student Film Blocks
11:00 – 11:55 — SFB 1: Kent State
12:10 – 1:55 — SFB 2: Malone University
2:10 – 3:15 — SFB 3: Cal Arts Animation
3:30 – 5:25 — SFB 4: Cal Arts Film Program
5:40 – 7:30 — SFB 5: Columbia U (NYC) (more…)

Opportunity for sculptors

News of an opportunity for sculptors has come my way. This comes from Bonnie Kubilus of Highland High School in Medina county (Granger Twp). She is looking for a sculptor to work with the students next May in constructing several outdoor pieces (there are some good places she has in mind). She is at the stage of preparing a grant request to some locally based funding prospects and would want to work with an area sculptor in doing that. The district has suffered a string of tragic events in the past year and she wants to develop a project that involves the students with a theme of resiliency and hope to counter some of that negativity before they end their school year. In addition to offering the chance to contribute to young lives, a participating sculptor would gain visibility with a very appreciative audience. This opportunity may be shared broadly in the Akron arts community and I encourage you to pass it on also. Interested sculptors should e-mail her at

Brand new music video coming soon from Zach!

Last Monday night, Erin and I got to work on a brand new music video for local celeb/musician Zach. This video will be very unique in my opinion. You see, its a combination Live performance video mixed with a production video all shot in one evening! The great folks over at the Josaphat Arts Hall in Cleveland invited Zach to come out and shoot a video in their space, and what an amazing space it is! Its an old church converted into a beautiful arts space. To see more check them out at

Anyway, great space, and to top it off, they brought volunteers to light all these candle around Zach to create this wonderful space of warmth that fits so well with Zach’s new song Surround Me. The next thing that made it so cool was that Zach does not yet have a studio recording of this track, so due to the awesome acoustics in the hall, he was sure he could just perform it live, if we could capture the audio. And let me tell you, it was amazing. The final piece of this puzzle was to have this video be more than just a performance video that you see all over YouTube. We wanted this to have the feel of a production video with a little bit of story too. I am really excited about this project, and I can’t wait to complete the edit. In the meantime, I have a short teaser to whet your appetite! Check out this video from the shoot!

Thank you Zach. Thank you Alenka, and all the wonderful volunteers who lit all those candles!

Stay tuned! Peace out.

Brand New from the todd v studio

So this is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now… I wanted to create some paintings that were pure motion and flow similar to the feeling of Asian character “shodo” painting. It’s also a painting created with restraint, in that I limited myself to two strokes of the brush, and a palate of only three colors. Finished with a free flowing splatter. I think I really like these, and need to experiment further.

What do you think?

Much love,

At work… rockin’ the tie!

So, I was on a photo shoot yesterday, and I got a phone call. during the call, my subject, India, grabbed my camera and started shooting me! I just thought this was a cool image with a real cinematic feel. ‘Hey man, nice shot!” India. She’s actually got a real eye for photography herself, so its a lot of fun shooting her as the subject. Next week, we are doing an over the top glam shoot. Stay tuned for images and video! By the way… here’s todays tie:

Check it out! Arts Quest now EVERYWHERE!

So, you’re bummed cause you don’t have Time Warner Cable, and you can’t see the most excellent arts and culture television show ever… Well, dry your eyes pumpkin! Now you can see Arts Quest in lots of other places, like TiVo, DivxTV, Boxee, SamsungTV, VizioTV, and Roku! And, as always on the net at, or you can subscribe via iTunes and have it automatically delivered to your phone! Click HERE to subscribe!

Much love from the AQ crew!