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National Children’s Day at A Time to Dance Studio


So my friends Amanda and Bobby from the A Time to Dance Studio, who work with, teach, and generally love to be around kids, decided it would be cool to create a special day to celebrate kids at their studio, and they called it National Children’s Day. I don’t know how official the title really is, but they made a great space for kids today! Free Pizza! Prizes! Moonwalk! They had dancing demonstrations, and make and take kids areas, loud music, and of course Bobby was showing off his street dancing skills. It was a blast! I was so happy that they invited me down to be a part of the party. I created this 30″ x 40″ fun painting of a boy and girl dancing, in about an hour and a half. I really wasn’t sure what I was going to paint while I was there, but I knew I wanted it to be fun! I hope you like it!

Thanks again Amanda and Bobby! I’ll see you again next year!

Peace out, much love.



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