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Brand new music video coming soon from Zach!

Last Monday night, Erin and I got to work on a brand new music video for local celeb/musician Zach. This video will be very unique in my opinion. You see, its a combination Live performance video mixed with a production video all shot in one evening! The great folks over at the Josaphat Arts Hall in Cleveland invited Zach to come out and shoot a video in their space, and what an amazing space it is! Its an old church converted into a beautiful arts space. To see more check them out at

Anyway, great space, and to top it off, they brought volunteers to light all these candle around Zach to create this wonderful space of warmth that fits so well with Zach’s new song Surround Me. The next thing that made it so cool was that Zach does not yet have a studio recording of this track, so due to the awesome acoustics in the hall, he was sure he could just perform it live, if we could capture the audio. And let me tell you, it was amazing. The final piece of this puzzle was to have this video be more than just a performance video that you see all over YouTube. We wanted this to have the feel of a production video with a little bit of story too. I am really excited about this project, and I can’t wait to complete the edit. In the meantime, I have a short teaser to whet your appetite! Check out this video from the shoot!

Thank you Zach. Thank you Alenka, and all the wonderful volunteers who lit all those candles!

Stay tuned! Peace out.

One response

  1. Sweet!

    And I know with you and Erin involved its going to be an amazing video!!

    07/10/2010 at 12:31 pm

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