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Joseph Arthur Exhibit at We Gallery

Meet Joseph Arthur!

Joseph Arthur’s first passion is the visual arts, yet he is better known for his musical talents after being discovered by Peter Gabriel in the mid-nineties. Arthur’s artwork is a spiritual quest expressed through form, lines, and color, involving a profound search for the ‘thread’ of life, binding even opposing forces of torment and beauty. As with Arthur’s music, evocative of such vivid imagery and emotion, his paintings dance with a similarity animated rhythm of form. His artwork has received much attention from the artistic and musical community including a Grammy nomination for his album packaging for the 1999 release of Vacancy. As expressed eloquently by Peter Gabriel, “When he was starting fifteen years ago, I was struck by the strength and visceral quality of Jo’s paintings. They seem to connect to Expressionism, Art Brut, Basquiat and the Graffiti movement. I remember encouraging him to take the painting seriously and it has been great to watch its evolution. Jo is a really unusual, interesting and talented artist in music and art”.

Hope to see you all here this Saturday the 18th from 5 – 9 pm. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Joseph and see his amazing work! Then, head downstairs to Musica to enjoy an evening of great music by the one-of-a-kind visual and recording artist, Joseph Arthur! Can’t make it this Saturday? Never fear, his exhibit will be up through September 27th!

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