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Artist Mark Reigelman brings White Cloud to the Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland Public Art will construct a 20-foot tall sculpture, composed of 100 chloroprene weather balloons, across the façade of the Cleveland Museum of Art’s original 1916 building on June 19th, for the Museum’s Solstice Party. The artwork is a collaborative venture of Cleveland Public Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Cleveland Institute of Art.

The installation titled, White Cloud, is the creation of New York-based artist Mark Reigelman. Reigelman, a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, was inspired by clouds as objects that provide beautiful and effective shields from the harsh summer sun on the year’s longest day. The sculpture will extend more that 100 feet across the museum grounds and hover 20 feet above the event. It will provide a playful complement to the building’s formality. Locally based Vincent Lighting Systems is collaborating with the artist to create dramatic lighting installations that will change throughout the evening.

“Cleveland Public Art, The Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Cleveland Institute of Art are three of the most dominant creative cultural institutions in the region. Although each has its own mission, all three are invested in the cultivation of exceptional art and design,” Reigelman said. “Having the opportunity to come back to Cleveland and work with such significant organizations is an incredible experience.”

The Solstice Party is an all-night event welcoming the museum’s newest galleries, showcasing Ancient Near East, Greek, Roman, Egyptian art, Byzantine, medieval and African art. The event runs from 5:30 p.m. to 2 a.m., with music, entertainment, food and a few surprises along the way. For a complete listing of the performances and activities happening at the party, and to purchase tickets, go to

Cleveland Public Art thanks the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Institute of Art for their partnership and assistance on this project.

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