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This is the Week! XainGO comes to Playhouse Square!

I know, I am sure you must think that they are crazy up there, but, its actually going to happen. XainGO is performing at Playhouse Square this weekend! In case you didn’t know it, Playhouse Square, in Cleveland, is actually one of the largest theatre districts in the country. Its Cleveland’s version of Broadway. So, as you can imagine, its quite an honor to get to play there, even in one of the smaller theaters. Time is running out! Did you get your tickets yet? You can order them online at: Get your tickets today!!!

Also, I got another chance to appear on Fox 8 last week!

This time they asked me in to sit on the Idol Chatter panel. They wanted me to put in my .02 on who I thought would win. As it turns out, I picked the winner! Here is the painting I created of this years Idol winner Kris Allen:


Kris Allen pop portrait by todd v

Kris Allen pop portrait by todd v



Talk to you soon! Peace out!

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