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catching up is hard to do…

totally forgot to write a blog last week! so much stuff going on as usual, and I just forgot to sit down and journal what was going on! No worries, though, its a new week and a new entry!

So I got a chance to meet with a great social media geek and consultant Staci J Shelton, and I have a treat for all my artist friends out there – we are cooking up a great social marketing workshop so you can figure out all the cool ways to use facebook and twitter, and other media to better interact with your current and potential patrons! Stay tuned for info on that one!

Also, I met with my old friend Eleanor LeBeau, that amazing writer who crafted my bio, and artist statements for me, and she is looking to help other area artists now too. More on that soon as well.

On to more coolness, we are getting close to opening up our new City Art Indie Box in the Falls. We could still use donations to help us get our projector to showcase all sorts of cool art, and independent films. so if you are a film buff please consider sending your donations in to the gallery of via paypal.

My new television show Arts Quest will begin airing immediately! Look for us on Time Warners NEON at 5:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays, and at 10pm on Sundays! those are some pretty sweet time slots in my book!

Well… that’s what I got cooking for now. See you soon, and as always remember you can follow me on twitter – username toddvo

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