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New MINI POPS now available!


Classes with todd v!

So I have started offering private and group lessons right in my studio, and its been a blast! I currently have several private students that are learning how to turn their hobby into a new career. The best part is helping my students to simply let go and trust themselves. We live our lives so careful and structured, when people sit down in front of a canvas they just don’t know how to get started. The trick is to take some time looking at some magazines or books, and find some inspiration in some color, in a particular composition, and then just throw some paint at a canvas! Next we start to work it, and move it around on the surface. The next thing you know, the students start to smile as their next work of art comes to life in front of them. Its such a rewarding process! If you or somebody you know would be interested in taking lessons with me, check out my website for details! (visit the CLASSES link)

New MINI POPS now available!

My pop portraits have been such a popular series I wanted to find a way to make them more available to people on a tighter budget, or who simply don’t have the wall space for one of my museum pieces. So, tadaaa… my new MINI POPS have come to life. I just started with a series of Jimi Hendrix, and John Lennon pieces. I will be adding more in the coming weeks. Each one is hand painted on a small piece of loose canvas, ready for framing. If you have been wanting one of my pop portraits, but just couldn’t afford one of my large pieces, now you can add some to your collection! Visit my site for more details! (Click on the todd v mart page, and then the small pieces link)

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